Sealing Your Commitment with a Gorgeous Engagement Ring

Maybe you’re you dating the person of your dreams. Before commitment has been made in a relationship, anything could happen. You may or may not stay together as a couple. Either way, the two of you may have your own relationship issues. If you don’t live together as a couple, you may experience a feeling of loneliness every time your partner leaves for short periods of time.

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After spending a lovely day together, you may be inspired to spend even more time together. When you want to share your feelings with your partner but you may be greeted with silence These feelings of loneliness may inspire you to do more, which may include taking your relationship to the next level.

You may experience loneliness each time your partner leaves you. You may experience various pressures and strong feelings that make you want to make your love official, for everyone to see. Or perhaps you have dreams of starting a family in the future.

Whatever your reason for wanting this important commitment, you’re going to need to take the first step, Without this step it will be difficult to move forward in your relationship. This step includes purchasing a symbol that represents your commitment and that of course is – “The Engagement Ring”.

Purchasing engagement rings at Brighton Jewellers shows a really strong intention of commitment. It shows that you’ve already taken the steps or are ready to take steps needed to commit to your partner.

Gorgeous engagement ringHave you ever looked at an engagement ring and thought about its history? Most people take it for granted that people buy an engagement ring when they commit to marriage. However, this practice is not specified in the bible or even in older documents that give detailed accounts of pre-marital practices.

The popularity of the engagement ring began in the 19th century. However, the engagement ring was not always a symbol of a person’s undying affection. In the past, the engagement ring was an instalment which was to be paid to the bride’s family for when it is finally handed over to be worn by the bride.

It was a kind of insurance for the bride-to-be, against the possibility of the prospective partner disbanding the marriage. Ending a marriage or engagement might compromise the woman’s virtue, which would make her unappealing to other men.

The modern meaning of the engagement ring started in the 20th century. Men would give their fiancées a band symbolising their love and an intention to marry. An engagement ring signifies that a woman is taken and vouched for. Wearing an engagement ring means a woman is ready to marry her man.

The ring is placed on the woman’s “heart finger” which is the fourth finger on the left hand. The finger is believed to have a vein running through it that runs directly to the heart. Early engagement rings were iron bands or a piece of silver without adornment. This practice was in place for a short period of time until the media and commercial rings took over and set the standard for engagement rings.

Engagement ringAdverts shown in the middle of the 19th century suggests that men spend at least 2 months of their monthly income on an engagement ring. This would allow him to purchase the perfect ring for his bride-to-be. These adverts defined the style and symbolism of the engagement ring, which was a new direction when compared to the engagement rings of the past.

Modern engagement rings are a symbol that a person is engaged to be married. The ring chosen shows that the person is getting married with style. The cut of the stone, design of the band and pricing, may not be the all-important factors when considering a ring, but it does add a certain flavour to the engagement. Modern engagement rings have created their piece of the jewellery market.

They come in various designs. The band may be made of silver, gold, platinum, or some other precious metal. The gemstones can add to the irresistible beauty of the ring. Different designs are available and these unique designs can make the ring you choose, stand out and be noticed.