The Future of Manufacturing

More and more companies are seeking to fulfils their supply demands using overseas resources.

Manufacturing companies must look to decrease costs and improve profit margins in order to ensure future health and stability.

One country that continues to increase it’s export sales is China.

Years ago, cheap products and materials could be imported from China but the quality was poor.

These days China has continued to increase its quality guidelines and processes making them an obvious choice for the western business.

Foil Tape and its Common Uses

Foil tape is a product that has the gripping facet of tape and the versatility of aluminium.

It looks shiny and somewhat flimsy, yet it’s incredibly versatile regarding its usefulness.

Foil tape has exceptional fire and heat resistance. It is made to be pressure-sensitive giving it that firm grip even in sub-zero temperatures. Foil tape is also resistant to cracking.

What is Foil Tape?

The first use of aluminium foil was in 1888 with its commercial production in the United States starting in 1913 with is use being in ID bands for racing pigeons. However, it would quickly gain recognition in the freight industry due to its attractive presentation and protective qualities in packaging.

During World War II, foil tape was used to protect electrical capacitors, packages, and insulation; a period that significantly gain popularity increasing its commercial use.

The structural composition of aluminium foil tape from Advance Tapes gives it the qualities of aluminium coupled with lasting aggressive adhesive.

Presentation-wise, the tape is aesthetically pleasing because of its shiny surface. It is known for its chemical and moisture resistance as well as the excellent thermal conductivity, weather resistance, and light reflectance.

Common Uses

Today, foil tape may not be used for ID bands for racing pigeons, but its uses are diverse and spread across different industries.

1. Electrical
This tape from Advance Tapes in the UK, France & Germany, has a polymer coating that makes it applicable for coating or sealing electrical cables. It is used on communication cables because the coating has excellent weather resistances providing a lasting shield against the environment.

It is also used to coat instruments, insulation cables, and other electrical materials that are temperature sensitive.

2. Packing
The use of aluminium was rife during World War II which also so the push of the use of foil tape to protect package contents from moisture, heat, and vermin. Today, it is used in packaging to ensure the contents are safe and secure in their containers.

3. Construction
Foil tape has found its place in construction particularly in the reinforcement of fibreglass and the thermal insulation of mineral-wood. Given its adhesive excellence, the tape can help fix metal gutters and do roof repairs.

4. Heating and Cooling
Duct tape is often considered the king when it comes to sealing ducts. It may offer a quick fix but will not give a permanent solution. Foil tape is the only other contender that dwarfs duct tape when repairing heating and ventilation systems.

It has a thermal conducive, cold weather, high tack acrylic bonding agent that give that an exceptional grip in high humidity and low temperatures.

5. Marine
Foil tape is resistant to moisture allowing it to be used in the marine industry. It can be used for doing patch works on boats without being affected by the water.

The superiority of the moisture resistance is touted to be so good that Scientific American suggests that aluminium foil can be used to make a boat that can ferry cargo.

6. Aerospace
Since foil tape has excellent resistance to harsh chemicals, it is used by the Navy to mask wheels, windows, and seams on aircraft before paint stripping. The same qualities are why the tape is used in anodising and electroplating places.

As evidenced by the above information, foil tape is a product that has different applications.

If you are looking for a strong packaging tape, now you know what to get.

Are you wondering is foil tape will offer you lasting results, get in touch with any of our staff at Tapes & Technical Solutions online or at our store and you will be assisted accordingly.

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