Making Sure Your Garage is Secure

When it comes to our homes, most people are security conscious. We spend the money, and take the time to make sure the windows and doors are secured properly. We put adequate locks on our windows and doors and make sure they’re security tight. However, most people forget to make sure their garage offers adequate protection. This lapse in security can place your home and valuable possessions at risk.

Generally, there are two reasons the garage needs to be secured. First, if you have an attached garage, there is a door that leads directly into your home. That means there is a relatively easy way for an intruder to gain access to your home from inside the garage.

Make sure to secure your garage door

Secondly, consider what’s stored in a garage. Your car may be the most valuable possession you own. Your garage may also be home to expensive tool sets and mountain bikes. These items are favourites for thieves since they are simple to re-sell. That’s why it’s important to protect your garage in the same way you’d protect any other part of your home. Look for a company that understands security which you’ll find as well as installation and repairs at garage doors Leicester.

There are several actions that can be taken to reduce the risk of having your garage targeted. All of these actions are effective and can be implemented if you’re able to fit them into your budget.

Stop People From Looking In

If a thief can see inside your garage, it can add to the temptation. This allows them to work out what they’ll do before trying to open the door. That would make their break in efficient and fast.

Have frosted glass installed or buy cheap plastic film that can help to make the window opaque. The film is only a fraction of the cost of the glass. Either way, you may still allow light into the garage, while it keeps people’s prying eyes out.

Close and Lock Garage Doors, Including Roller Shutters

a secure garage doorYou may become somewhat complacent about garage doors, especially during the daytime. At that time of day, we assume no-one would want to steal something in broad daylight. Unfortunately thats not true. Opportunistic thieves are experts at getting away with quickly grabbing valuable items. They know they only have a few seconds to go in and remove your valuables. If they’re fast enough they won’t be spotted, even if you’re only standing around the corner.

Keep your garage door locked. Also, close and lock back or side doors and any doors that lead into your home. When you remove your car from the garage, even if it’s only for a few minutes, lock the door behind you. If your home has roller shutter garage doors for additional security, close them, even though it seems like a chore. It’s well worth the effort, especially if you have valuables you want to protect.

Ensure Good Visibility From Your House Into the Garage

If you have a door that leads from the garage to the house, you should be able to see into the garage while the door is still locked. If you hear what you suspect is an intruder, you don’t want to have to open the door to check.

If you open the door leading to your home and an intruder is in the garage, you may be giving this person access to your home, your family, and your valuable possessions. Choose a door with a wide-angle peephole or a small window so you can see what’s going on without putting yourself in danger.

Don’t Leave Your Keys in the Car

Your car may not be safe, even if it’s in a locked garage. A thief may successfully get into your garage, even if the door is locked. Don’t make things easy for them by leaving your keys in the car or hanging on the wall near the car in the garage. Always make sure you take your keys with you, inside your home.